NDOT I-80 | Weekly Update | September 13

New Rumble Strips Provide Safety Improvements

“What’s that rumble on I-80?”

Commonly consisting of parallel grooves cut into the edge of the roadway lane, tires running over rumble strips produce sound and vibration when drivers veer out of their lane. By alerting and allowing motorists to correct their vehicles, head-on and sideswipe crashes can be reduced and lives can be saved.

Rumble strips were previously in place on this same section of I-80. Drivers may hear enhanced sound with the installation of new rumble strips.

In Nevada, over 40% of all traffic fatalities are caused by run-off-the-road and head-on crashes.


  • Helps prevent head-on or sideswipe collisions
  • Helps correct driving misdirection without the crash impact that can be experienced with concrete barriers
  • Cost effective
  • Relatively fast to install

For more information please visit: NDOT or FHWA websites.

Traffic Control

The I-80 westbound truck parking just past Mogul and eastbound truck weigh station just past Gold Ranch will be closed (dates still pending) so crews can seal the pavement surface.

Drivers can expect lane and shoulder closures with minor delays from 7 pm to 5 am and ramp closures from 9 pm to 5 am.