I-80 Keystone to Stateline

Project Description

This important road improvement project will resurface both directions of I-80 between Keystone Avenue in Reno and the Nevada-California border. Approximately four inches of the roadway surface will be removed and repaved on more than 12 miles of interstate.

Project Benefits

The project will provide a smoother and safer interstate driving surface.


NDOT currently places “Wrong Way” signs on all interstate off-ramps to notify drivers errantly entering in the wrong direction. Additional flashing warning signals and detection systems will also be added to I-80 ramps west of Reno as a highly-visible indication to help stop drivers from entering the wrong way, ultimately enhancing freeway safety.


Several roadside shoulders will be widened providing space for emergency storage of disabled vehicles, enforcement activities and roadway maintenance.


Merge lanes will also be lengthened from West Fourth Street to westbound I-80 near Mogul and the Gold Ranch-Third Street exit to eastbound I-80, as well as select other exits.


As part of NDOT’s dedication to preserving the quality of stormwater crossing state roadways, roadside drainage and water treatment features will be enhanced.


Construction will primarily take place on westbound I-80 from Keystone Ave. to Gold Ranch this spring through November, followed by construction on the eastbound interstate throughout summer 2019.

Traffic Impacts

Upcoming Operations

I-80 Westbound Paving Begins

  • The project team is picking up where they left off last season with paving operations beginning on I-80 westbound at Mogul and heading west to Gold Ranch.
  • Drivers can expect overnight lane closures from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  • Sundays through Fridays and short-term overnight interstate ramp closures throughout the corridor from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.
  • No two consecutive ramps will be closed at the same time.
  • Once I-80 westbound paving is complete, crews will start on I-80 eastbound beginning at the California/Nevada state line and heading east.
Special Events

We love our special events and know how important they are to northern Nevada! When possible, NDOT will temporarily suspend work on road projects over major event periods for easier travel. Traffic control information impacting special event routes will be posted.


Text I80RENOWEST to 797979 for text updates or sign up and stay up to date with the latest news and traffic information.

Stay In The Know


Business Support

The NDOT project team encourages the community to support businesses during construction. We developed an easy incentive program for the community to support businesses.

  • Sign up to receive project updates at: www.I80RenoWest.com.
  • Registration automatically results in an opportunity to receive a $25 gift card to a participating business of your choice.
  • One gift card will be distributed every week during construction.
  • All businesses within the project corridor are encouraged to participate at no cost to promote their business.
  • Please email info@I80RenoWest.com, or call 775-870-8080 for more information.